Kona Grill Digital Display

Kona Grill July 2017 Development


Kona Grill wanted a connected digital display that allowed them to manage their menus, rotating advertisements and/or promotions.


  • Include full menus in design
  • Show photography of selection
  • Entice user to dine at restaurant


Their existing menus and website served as inspiration to the designs. Their timeline was the most important piece of the project.


I delivered a couple of options to the Kona Grill team. They liked the designs with imagery to the left and right of the menus. One obstacle we came into was how to display the full menus for Sushi, Lunch, and Dinner in the design. We came up with a solution that would automatically scroll the center menu up until the bottom was reached. Once the bottom was reached, the menu would flip and the images would fade out to represent the next menu.

Because of the graphic requirements of the web based project, I provided the development team with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript on the initial design of the display. From there they made some performance tweaks necessary for a kiosk that may or may not have an internet connection.

The result was an appealing digital display that ran for over 12 hours a day and automatically updated when changes were made within the CMS.

Kona Grill
July 2017