LA Kiosk

Los Angeles Tourism August 2015 Kiosk


Los Angeles Tourism wanted a kiosk that focused on visitor engagement, attraction ticketing and provided a unique branded experience for visitors in Los Angeles County, California. Because they were going to order multiple kiosks, they wanted the experience to be based upon the kiosk's location.


  • Use ticketing as main focus of kiosk
  • Design "shell" for all kiosk locations to use
  • Provide common visitor information
  • Integrate with mobile application to be developed


Because the kiosks were going to be accessed by a large number of people, the design needed to be ADA accessible. Also the funding for the kiosks were going to be provided through the advertising revenue, which influenced some of my design choices. The main goal of the kiosk was to drive revenue and as such, the focal points were ticking and advertising.


The kiosks were developed with a bottom navigation to make it more ADA accessible. The splash pages included several spots for advertising, which also allowed the ticketing partners (such as Warner Brothers) to advertise their tickets. The kiosk also featured a dynamic homepage that swapped out content based on the kiosk location. For example, if a user was at Madame Tussauds they would see a map of the museum, information about the figures, and more. If a user was at Hollywood & Highland, they would see  the business directory along with the map.

The one feature that had to be scrapped was the integration with the mobile application due to time and budget constraints.

Los Angeles Tourism
August 2015