Visit Sioux Falls App

Visit Sioux Falls August 2016 Application


Visit Sioux Falls was interested in an application for residents and potential visitors of the area. Traditionally, destinations often want apps that serve as directories for all of the business in town. Sioux Falls was a bit different in their approach to the app. They wanted the whole app to be like a fun game, rather than serving as a "phone book".


  • Design game like application
  • Integrate sweepstakes
  • Personalize the experience per user
  • Encourage users to explore Sioux Falls


The most important consideration for this project was the gaming essence of what was requested. The client had previously come up with personas for travelers to the area, which was crucial to building a custom experience per user. Their website also had plenty of content to draw from and influenced some of my design choices.


I presented the following concept to the client:

  1. User will create an Account or Skip. If the user decides to skip this step, we will display a screen showing what they are missing out, where they can confirm or go back.
  2. User will select specific personas that interest them (limit of three).
  3. Explanation of game. Completing scavenger hunts, questionnaires, and reviews will give the user points. Top leader in points will get a prize (Can be weekly, quarterly, daily, etc.)
  4. Present the option to continue or skip (if skipped the app will show user where to go to resume the game).
  5. If “Continue” is clicked, users are taken to the introductory hunt, which is based on their persona.
  6. After completion of each task, the app will ask the user a questionnaire based on the location they visited. They can choose to skip this questionnaire or do it to gain more points. These questions will shape their recommended places to visit.
  7. On conclusion of the introductory hunt they can view more hunts or browse the other sections of the app.

There were a couple trade-offs that had to be made during the design of this app. One example is that the client wanted a 360 degree view of the falls when opening the application, which was cut due to time and budget restrictions.

Visit Sioux Falls
August 2016