WMP Calculator

Advisor Group November 2021 Website

The WMP Calculator serves as a valuable tool for financial professionals, providing insights into the pricing of various account types within Advisor Group’s Wealth Management Platform (WMP), including UMAs and SMAs. By offering a clear understanding of the potential financial benefits of transitioning accounts to the WMP, the calculator empowers advisors to make informed decisions that can optimize revenue generation.


Advisor Group recognized the need to assist financial professionals in evaluating the financial impact of transitioning their accounts to the Wealth Management Platform (WMP). However, the lack of a comprehensive and user-friendly tool hindered their ability to make informed decisions. There was a need for a reliable and accessible solution that could calculate and showcase the potential financial benefits of utilizing different account types, such as UMAs and SMAs, within the WMP.


  • Develop a user-friendly and intuitive website for the WMP Calculator.
  • Enable financial professionals to calculate and compare the pricing of various account types offered by the WMP.
  • Empower advisors to make informed decisions regarding the transition of accounts to the WMP.
  • Showcase the potential financial benefits of utilizing the WMP for different account types.
  • Help financial professionals increase their revenue by identifying accounts that would generate more income when transferred to the WMP.


Extensive research was conducted to ensure that the website layout and user experience of the WMP Calculator would meet the needs and expectations of financial professionals. This involved studying best practices in web design and user interface (UI) to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Additionally, feedback from subject matter experts was collected to gain insights into their preferences and requirements. The research phase focused on creating a seamless and visually appealing experience that would enhance usability and promote efficient navigation through the calculator's features and functionalities.


The implemented solution, the WMP Calculator website, effectively addressed the challenges faced by financial professionals by providing a user-friendly tool that showcased the financial advantages of utilizing different account types within the Wealth Management Platform. It enabled financial professionals to make informed decisions about transitioning accounts, thereby helping them increase their revenue and unlock the full potential of the WMP.

Advisor Group
November 2021