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Advisor Group June 2019 Branding

This was a project that involved the creation of a digital brand portal for Advisor Group. The challenge was to translate an existing physical style guide into a comprehensive and user-friendly digital platform. By leveraging the best practices from other digital style guides, we aimed to establish a cohesive and accessible brand experience across various digital touchpoints. Through extensive research and careful consideration, we successfully developed a digital brand portal that effectively communicated the company’s brand guidelines and empowered users to maintain brand consistency in their digital endeavors.


The company possessed a well-established physical style guide that provided comprehensive guidelines for maintaining brand consistency in print materials. However, as the organization expanded its digital presence, it became evident that a digital brand portal was essential to facilitate consistent and efficient digital brand management. The lack of a centralized digital resource often led to inconsistencies in the brand's representation across various digital touchpoints. It was crucial to bridge this gap by developing a digital brand portal that not only digitized the existing style guide but also incorporated best practices from other successful digital style guides.


  • Create a user-friendly and accessible digital brand portal.
  • Serve as a centralized hub for all digital brand assets and guidelines.
  • Provide employees, stakeholders, and external partners with a comprehensive resource for implementing brand guidelines.
  • Simplify the process of accessing, understanding, and utilizing brand assets.
  • Ensure consistent brand representation across various digital platforms.
  • Enhance the overall brand experience in the digital realm.


To ensure the success of this project, thorough research was conducted to gather insights from existing digital style guides across various industries. This research involved a comprehensive analysis of successful digital brand portals, focusing on their usability, structure, and features. Additionally, an in-depth understanding of the company's existing physical style guide was essential to identify the key elements that needed to be translated into the digital realm. The research phase also involved gathering feedback from key stakeholders to gain a holistic perspective on their requirements and expectations for the digital brand portal.

By combining the insights gained from this research with the knowledge and expertise of our team, we set out to create a digital brand portal that would seamlessly integrate the existing physical style guide with best practices from other digital style guides.


The result was an intuitive and visually engaging platform that empowered users to access and utilize brand assets effectively, while maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand experience across various digital channels.

Advisor Group
June 2019
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